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Inside the Theory

Inside the Theory

What if we could learn music theory as easily and organically as a child learns their first language?

It's possible.

If it could come in segments of relevance and simple remembrance, cultivated through connections and compelled by curiosity? Choosing to recognize music theory as the structure of a language, rather than individual concepts to learn, allows an integration that flows within and through the music one creates and plays.

Join Our Sessions

Whether you’re 8 or 83, have lots of musical knowledge or none at all, if you want the freedom to play with whatever instrument and whatever music you choose, you are encouraged to join us as we delve into the art of surrendering to the music’s flow.


Small group sessions where all ages and experience levels are welcome

Come find out what it’s like to make music where the only box is the one in your hands, resonating with a pulse and breath, and voice of its own.

Young Musicians Unite!