The Key to the Recipe

Music is a language, and just like all language, there is structure, pattern, and expression. 

In Music, we have recipes, just like in life. We all know that our favorite dish, desert, or even entire meal is made up of ingredients, and if we put those ingredients together in a list, and add a set of instructions, we have what we call a recipe. 

Like food that nourishes our bodies, music nourishes our soul and mind.  We hold dear our recipes, passed down from generations, refined, tested. 

In Music, these recipes serve a similar purpose: they create incredibly pleasing, refined, and tested combinations of sound frequencies, from which we spin our stories. We call these recipes, “Keys”. 

Keys, in Music, hold a list of ingredients and a set of instructions. The ingredients are the notes, and the instructions are how those notes are put together. Sometimes the same set of ingredients can produce different dishes, depending on how they are combined, cooked, not cooked, or prepared. Music is the same. 

Keys have names just like recipes. Keys have ingredients – notes.

Keys have instructions on how to blend those notes, in what order, with the timing and space in between steps.

Let’s begin with your favorite recipe. Let’s find the Key that, when you hear notes from within its framework, something inside lights up and motivates you to begin creating your nourishing masterpiece.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons, In Person & Virtual

Children and Adults, Tailored, Individual Instruction ​

Sessions are provided in our studio, and via virtual connection

Beginning through advanced instruction, depending on instrument and style

Non-conventional instruction: Music is in everything in my world. I experience music as a language, universal and constant. My students tend to discover their own music, and develop the tools and skills they desire in order to create it. 🙂

All ages welcome (yes, even little littles)
Because of how we play during our sessions, even toddlers have fun and learn 

~ I am available for in-person & remote sessions depending on the student and instrument. ~

From $30/lesson
Music is not an exclusive option for only a few, rather it is innately within each and every one of us. It is my desire to make the acquisition of the language of Music accessible to all; please do not allow financial resources or concepts of “status quo” to be an obstacle.  Share with me your journey and hopes, and together we will discover your melodic tales.
Lessons are designed and tailored to each student, typically given weekly but the schedule freuency is set by the student. Duration and content of each lesson  determined by the student’s flow and ease. 

Instruments offered:
Piano, Keys
Theory, the Structure of the Language of Music
Electronic Sequencing and DAW Production
Improv & Accompaniment


Following up from previous ideas tossed about – we are now forming the structure of our Young Musicians Group.

With so many schools struggling to maintain music programs, we see a need to provide a safe, relaxed, and student led haven for collaboration and learning.

    We will be hosting virtual weekly sessions (which is quickly starting to look more like it will be in person as often as possible) culminating in a “virtual modern youth orchestra”, where the language of music is shared and learned in an organic, natural manner together.
    ~ Kids and teens (and adults are also welcome and encouraged)
    ~ 45 minute sessions, where we play/practice for 30 minutes, and then open the floor for whatever you want to talk about for the last 15 minutes. 
    ~ All forms of music and whatever instrument you already have, or want to learn.
    ~ Depending on responses, we’ll address support for levels of knowledge and skill as necessary. This idea is to be inclusive of all, regardless of prior experience with the instrument(s) and/or the language of music.

    Our default and/or initial gatherings will be offered over Zoom, but as the interest presents, we can plan periodic in-person gatherings (after the group gets into groove with one another). Presently, we are located in the San Luis Valley, in southern Colorado, and will focus our efforts within this region for the time being.
    Commencing in August, 2021. 
    Contributions are appreciated: Instruments, your time, monetary support, and locations to meet are all very helpful.


    Group Sessions


    Specifically intended for those who thrive in a collaborative environment of fellow musicians

    A virtual, collective opportunity for experienced musicians and students.  Come together, share with one another in a supportive environment, gain insight from each other’s experiences, learn something new, and discover what can happen when we collaborate.

    • These sessions explore specific focuses, based on the community’s requests. 

      Please contact us with your interest in joining and with any topics you’d like to explore together

    Sessions are funded through your contributions

    Sessions are on a donation basis; your contributions are highly appreciated as there are costs involved in both time, energy, and technology. However, the focus is to bring music to those who would otherwise not have such opportunities to reside in such a creative space and as such, we hope to make these sessions accessible to all.